What's the deal with all these Stone Reader DVD editions?
Okay. Here's the deal: There were 3 different DVD editions offered. Now there are two.

This Limited Edition Triple Disc set is available NOW. However, there will only ever be 4,000. Once they're gone, that's it. List price is $49.99, but for a limited time selling at $29.95.

The New Yorker Films Special Edition Double DVD, identical to the Triple but lacking the 3rd disc with all the extra Dow material, is available for purchase and rental now. Price is $39.95.

(Of course, all prices are excluding S&H and tax where applicable.)

 Why is the limited 3-disc edition out a couple months before the New Yorker Films version?
Because the versions are identical except for Disc 3 and we hope we sell out the 4,000 and everyone is so excited by how good it is they talk it up and everyone who missed out and wishes they had starts to line up 14 days ahead of time at Barnes & Noble or Tower or Pottery Barn or wherever, waiting for the New Yorker Films Double Special edition. And also because I am impatient.

 Why donít I just get the Barnes & Noble single DVD for a lot less money, especially since I can have it a month before the Triple and three months before the Double and because I havenít even seen the movie anyway and who knows if it is any good or worth having at all?
Good question. I have no answer for this. If you canít wait to see the movie, or if you want the movie and book together, this is a good solution. But just watch it once and wrap it up nice. Then when the New Yorker Films Special Double Edition comes out and you have to know all this other stuff because all your friends do, give the single DVD away as a gift to your mother or daughter, and go back to Barnes & Noble and buy the Double. Everybody wins. I hope youíll have no chance ever to see the Triple because it will be long gone.

 Why are you doing this and making it so hard to choose and so confusing?
Why not? Isnít that the fun? Donít agonize, just buy the Triple now for $39.95, and buy the Barnes & Noble single and the double later and give them as gifts. Or better, if youíve seen the movie or even if you havenít, buy 5 Triples now, put them away, wait for the Double to watch, and sell the Triples on e-bay five years from now for a lot of money and then use that to make your own movie and make me pay a lot to see it.

Is this just all a big ruse, did you make this all up?
No. But I hear some other people think that. Wonít they be in for a surprise when the book comes out and the pages arenít all blank? Who would make this up? Does any of us have that much time on our hands? And if I could, why wouldnít I make up something about a heist where incredible movie stars try to get rich and kill other incredible movie stars in their passionate quest for wealth, while making love on the deck of a speedboat thatís running drugs for the global conspiracy that only the bad guy knows about, evil cell phone pressed to his ear, as the hero, a former washed-up castoff now mistaken for the wrong guy, grabs the hand of a beautiful woman seemingly half his age and jumps from the bridge, sport coat and minskirts flapping, to save the world?

Isnít 4,000 a lot to sell? Why donít I just wait and see?
No. Donít.

Why is a lot of what's above barely relevant?
Because I wrote this before any of the DVDs came out, but now that it's out it's near pointless, but keeping it up gives us fond memories of last summer when we were grinding to get these things out, and we thought the world would end if we didn't.


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