" **** (Highest Rating)! Amazing. Stone Reader is one of the most satisfying experiences youíre likely to have in a movie theatre this year. Itís a tribute to the transforming power of reading and a reminder of the Sisyphean task that reading can be."
            -Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe    Click here for full review

"Itís rare enough when a documentary achieves cult status. Rarer still when it actually changes lives. Stone Reader, a movie about the love of reading, manages to do both."
            -David Ansen, Newsweek

"A film about the power of literature, the obscurity of genius and the enormous demands of art. Stone Reader is a debut of enormous craft, surety and resourcefulness -- a superlative, soul-baring non-fiction work that will generate torrential word-of-mouth."
            -Scott Foundas, Variety    Click here for full review

"...a loving and lovely fimed ode to obsession."
            -Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times    Click here for full review

" *** 1/2 A wonderful film about reader, writers and writing."
            -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times    Click here for full review

" A Must See! Fascinating and compulsively watchable. "
            -Johnathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader    Click here for full review

"A-. Stone Reader makes you want to pick up a great novel and consume it in one long gulp. Itís a love letter to literature and literacy, a bibliophileís dream film, dedicated to the joys of fiction and the passions of those who need books like they need food, water and air. It should delight anyone who loves to curl up with a book. Get this guy on Oprah, and quick."
            -Chris Vognar, The Dallas Morning News    Click here for full review

"Magnificent...the movie equivalent of a page-turner."
            -Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer    Click here for full review

"[Moskowitz] makes the's hard not to weep in honor of one small battle won for the written word."
            -Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly    Click here for full review

"A great literary mystery. I've never seen a movie that paid more heartfelt tribute to the power of artistic invention."
            -J. Hoberman, Village Voice    Click here for full review

"A little film masterpiece of persuasion and advocacy. A cinematic equivalent of a bona-fide page-turner. As moving as a great, bittersweet novel."
            -James Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle    Click here for full review

"Riveting!...a fascinating film, one that fuels the imagination..."
            -John Kenyon, The Gazette    Click here for full review

"Stone Reader reheats the fevers of the freewheeling, icon smashing l960s. Anyone who gives a damn about the state of popular culture and the future of language will want to take heed."
            -Bill Gallo, San Francisco Weekly    Click here for full review

"A marvelous literary thriller that gets at the way books can stay with people forever. Director Moskowitz subscribes to the cult of the novel, and I suspect that most people who will love this movie do, too."
            -Peter Rainer, New York Magazine    Click here for full review

" Stone Reader radiates intelligence and compassion. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on the edge of my seat the whole time. "
            -Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Press


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