ilmmaker Mark Moskowitz finally reads a critically acclaimed novel he bought back in 1972, and

discovers that both the book and the author have long since vanished. STONE READER documents Moskowitz's quest to find out why. As he solves the mystery, the twists and turns of the journey reveal something more-the singular bond literature can create among strangers.


n 1972, 18-year-old Mark Moskowitz buys a novel called The Stones of Summer by first-time author Dow Mossman, because an

enthusiastic New York Times review persuades him it is the book of a generation. Despite being an avid reader, Moskowitz can't get past the first 20 pages.

Twenty-five years later, Mark re-discovers the book, and this time he can't put it down. Enthralled with its story and wonderful originality, Mark tries to buy copies for his friends and to look for other works by the author. He can't find the book. He can't find a record of the author. He can't find anyone who has heard his name, let alone read the book.

The film chronicles filmmaker Mark Moskowitz’s year-long search for Dow Mossman. Pursuing answers to the literary mystery, he crisscrossed the country, meeting, among others, Robert Gottlieb, editor of Catch-22, Frank Conroy, head of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and critic Leslie Fiedler.

Cinematic, humorous and obsessive, the journey is a wistful, powerful affirmation of reading and what it means to us.


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