ilmmaker Mark Moskowitz finally reads a critically acclaimed novel he bought back in 1972, and

discovers that both the book and the author have long since vanished. STONE READER documents Moskowitz's quest to find out why. As he solves the mystery, the twists and turns of the journey reveal something more-the singular bond literature can create among strangers.

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Director's Statement
  Mark Moskowitz  

TONE READER follows my quest to find a long out-of-print book The Stones of Summer and a forgotten

writer, Dow Mossman. The novel is one of youth and rebellion, written from 1965-1971 when I was a teenager and rebellion was at the heart of the arts and the new consciousness of young Americans.

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The Trailer
  Mark Moskowitz  

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  Mark & Joe Van  

earn about Mark Moskowitz and the other people involved in creating STONE READER.

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